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As of 2019, WordPress powers 26.4% of the Internet as we know it. This high degree of trust in WordPress as an opensource content management system, sees 1,1 million new WordPress powered domains come online every six months. There is just one problem. Namely, the fact that WordPress web development isn’t always easy. (At least not for people tackling WordPress web design for the very first time.)

Thankfully, several WordPress developer blogs exist, which budding WordPress devs can use to learn new skills, troubleshoot problems and familiarize themselves with hot off the press web design trends

The Official WordPress Blog

The official WordPress blog provides readers with an easy way to keep abreast of new WordPress features, plugins, and free theme templates. The official WordPress developer blog also offers a wealth of how to guides detailing everything from how to optimize WordPress for mobile responsiveness, to how to customize several back-office WordPress features

Offical WordPress Blog


WPMU DEV is a membership WordPress plugin repository and developer blog. More specifically, one which takes a more in-depth look at on-site WordPress development, feature tweaking, and content marketing. Video tutorials and access to a wide range of WPMU DEV plugins, subsequently make WPMU DEV an excellent resource for aspiring bloggers and e-commerce store owners.



If you are a complete novice when it comes to WordPress, WPBeginner is the blog for you. With more than 320,000 subscribers, WPBeginner provides a wealth of how to guides, designed to help complete WordPress beginners learn everything they need to know about WordPress web development and tweaking of blogs for maximum search exposure.


WP Engine Blog

WP Engine isn’t just a blog. As well as WordPress optimization tips, WP Engine provides a suite of paid performance and integration tools, designed to help WordPress users build standout web experiences. As well as helping WordPress users build high-quality websites, WP Engine also helps users market blogs, integrate new site features, and scale websites securely as sites grow in size and diversify operations.

WP Engine Blog

WP Explorer

WP Explorer is a popular WordPress web design blog and free theme and plugin repository. When using WP Explorer, WordPress users benefit from access to easy to follow how-to guides covering the fundamentals of WordPress website set up and security. WP Explorer also offers a variety of free themes and plugins, guaranteed to help users get their sites noticed.

WP Explorer Blog


Torque is a WordPress development magazine which delves into the depths of WordPress bug fixing, optimization, and content marketing. Torque also discusses trending WordPress news and marketing insights and provides free how-to guides suitable for both WordPress beginners and more experienced users.


Daniel Barenkamp

Founder and Creator of WeLaunch (formerly DB-Dzine).

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