Usage: Embed the Shortcode into a Page

Store Locator Shortcode

To place the store locator just create a new page and insert the following shortcode:


New from Version 1.4.1: Shortcode attributes to create multiple maps with different categories

Example 1:

  • Only show category ID 34 (T-Shirts)
  • no children
  • no “show all categories”
[wordpress_store_locator categories="34" show_children="no" show_all="no"]

Example 2:

  • Show Categories 32 (Clothes) and 35 (Music Stores)
  • Show no children
  • Show “all categories”
[wordpress_store_locator categories="32,35" show_children="no" show_all="yes"]

Search for Store Shortcode

If you want to have a search for store page like in our Demo, you can create a new page or use any other like your Home page for example. Then place the Following Shortcode:

[wordpress_store_locator_search url="" style="1" show_filter="yes"]

Google API Key

For our plugin you will need a fully working Google API Key. A tutorial on how to get it, can be found here:
You need to make sure, that inside the Google Console the following options are activated:

Allow your domain to access the key
Enable: Google Places API Web Service
Enable: Google Maps JavaScript
Enable: Google Maps Geocoding

This Post Has 4 Comments
  1. This address appears by default when using the shortcode:

    Rostov Oblast, Russia, 346222

    How do I remove it?

  2. We install the plugin, but it is giving error all the time of Geocoder failed due to: REQUEST_DENIED. What can it be?

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