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Before creating a store you should setup your store categories & filters. The, when you want to create a store you have two options: Either you add it manually or you import a store.

Create a store manually

If you want to create a store manually, just go to Store Locator > New Store inside your Admin Panel. From there you can add all the necessary information for your store.

Creating a store manually step 1
Creating a store manually step 2

Importing Stores

If you have many stores you better use the import functionality. Therefore you go to Store Locator > Settings > General. On the bottom you will find an “Get Sample Import file”-Button. Press this button and you will get a sample Excel import file filled with all store information + categories + filters.

Use this sample import to fill out your import. If you have set a Server Side Google API Key, you can leave out the Latitute / Longitute values, because they will be fetched automatically.

Then you go back to General settings and press “Import Stores”-Button. Then select your file and click on import. You will see a report of the added stores afterwards.

import buttons
sample import file
Importing the stores file
Store import report
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  1. Hello!

    I have problem with import sample file, i can download it but i can’t open in office 365 and open office. Error exist on .xls and .xlsx, Can you attached sample file and reply to my email address?

  2. I noticed the import sample document and our initial tests don’t have the categories mapping into the store locator listing, it instead put the categories in the description. I have over 800 listings to import and ideally *do not* want to manually have to assign all the categories, is there no map to include these as part of the spreadsheet?

    Michael @

    1. Of course its possible – you just need to export the sample import file from plugin settings. This will contain categories, that you created before. Fill it out with a 0 or 1 and reimport it again.

  3. im tring to import my xsl file. its not working. im getting an error mesagge: Error uploading file: The file type is not licensed for security reasons.

    please help

  4. Hi,

    I’m getting this message when I try to import the file I’ve prepared:

    “Your file seems to be corrupt.
    API keys with referer restrictions cannot be used with this API.”

    Please advise.

    1. Well your Google API key has restrictions and can not be used for importing stores. Either you remove the server side key from plugin settings (but then you can not automatically fetch lat / lng). Or you go to Google API Console and adjust the referrer restrictions.

  5. There is not restriction… here is screen shot from my settings:

    I have also a questions about the map:
    1. the geolocation doesn’t take my exact location – it shows my location near (couple of KM), I’ve tried 2 different location and the issue in both tests, what can I do to make show my exact location?
    2. the branches on map show only the branches in the choosen radius, when I expand radius the map is zoomed out and the pins become too close (or even on top of each other) which makes it not friendly to find the branch… how can I show all branches on map on a radius of 5 KM?


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