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Store Locator

Show off your local stores with our WordPress Store Locator plugin. Create or import your stores, create a page embedding the shortcode and start selling offline. Fully customizable, our plugin let you configure what data you want to display and how you want to present it.

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Store Categories & Filter

Create store categories and filters, and assign your stores to them. Let your users then filter as they like.

Custom Icons

Set custom icons per store, on category level or default for all stores.

Data to Show

Choose what store data you want to show: Store’s name, address, contact details, opening hours and more. You can also set custom Action links.

More Features

Map Styling

Import any custom Map styling fromĀ orĀ Snazzy Maps.

Excel Import / Export

Export or import your stores with Excel. Get a sample import file or delete all stores before importing new.

Automatic Radius Increasing

If no stores were found within the users radius, you can enable to automatically increase the radius until stores are found.

Default Radius & Steps

You can define the radius steps and of course the default radius just as you like.


Sort your stores by distance or alphabetically. You can choose!

Single Store Pages

Show single stores on own pages, that can be shared and improve the SEO.

WooCommerce Integration

Do not loose offline customers. Enable a store locator modal directly on WooCommerce product pages, that automatically apply the correct category filters.

Custom Loading Icon

Set a custom loading icon and size for your needs.

Premium Stores

Highlight premium stores with a special icon.

Autocomplete Restriction

Restrict the Autocomplete to custom countries and to custom types (like city, region etc.). Never loose customers searching for a zip and getting a street.

Layout Customizations

Set a custom Result list and map width. Choose where you want the blocks to the displayed (right sidebar, left sidebar, below or above the map). You can even disable the complete map or result list.

Default Values

Set default values before creating stores manually (like opening hours or the country) and save time.

Great plugin with lots of features and customizations. Perfectly fit our needs. The support was surprisingly fast and very helpful.

Rating: 5

I liked this plugin and the demo. I purchased and installed it but on my site it wasn't like the demo haha. I contacted the author and explained him the problems. The support is very fast. He did a lot of changes in order to make it beautiful. If you need a store locator i suggest this plugin because the support is very fast and when you speak about business fast is money . So keep doing good!

Rating: 5

I was having trouble with the store filter settings and wasn't sure why it wasn't working. I contacted support and they helped me fix it. I also presented them with some php notices and they released an update with thin just a day or two fixing those as well. Thanks so much!

Rating: 5

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