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Posts & Pages to PDF

Export wp posts & pages to PDF, Word or Print with ease.

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Export WordPress Posts as PDF
PDF Export

Export your single posts or pages as PDF with a single click.

Print Posts & Pages

Beside the PDF export you can also print your posts & pages easily.

Word Export

Microsoft Word exports are also possible for every content you have.

Export WordPress Posts as PDF

Converting WordPress Posts and pages to PDF and exportable Word files has never been easier. This is thanks to the fact that the WordPress Posts and Pages to PDF plugin, allows site visitors and admins to convert web pages to PDF and Microsoft Word documents instantly.

As a WordPress PDF plugin, WordPress Posts and Pages retains the formatting of paragraphs, images, blockquotes, and much more. Doing so allows for easy offline reading of site content, easy printing of material, and easy export of content complete with in-style headers, footers, and featured images.

Export WordPress Post to PDF
Export WordPress Post to PDF
Customize PDF Data & Layout
Customize PDF Data & Layout

The Most Customizable WordPress PDF Plugin

Right clicking to print blog posts and pages will often fail to preserve on-screen formatting of blog posts and web pages. To compound this problem, existing WordPress PDF generator plugins export text-based content only, not the correct layout of pages when viewed online.

The WordPress Posts & Pages to PDF plugin is designed to enhance export experiences. Unlike with other WordPress PDF generators, Posts & Pages to PDF allows website owners to select what data is exported to portable documents, while also preserving post and page formatting.

  • When used as a WordPress PDF plugin, posts and pages are exported in a way which matches how content appears when browsed online
  • Simple back office tools allow site admins to select what data they want to show / export when converting a webpage to pdf
  • Exported PDF and Word files are print-friendly, meaning that exported content will appear the same when printed as it does when viewed in PDF or Microsoft Word format

Full Visual Composer Compatability

WordPress Posts & Pages to PDF is the only WordPress PDF plugin which features full compatibility with websites built using Visual Composer.

The Visual Composer website builder allows users to create beautiful web pages by dragging and dropping content using a WYSIWYG page builder. Few WordPress PDF plugins can capably export data from Visual Composer in a way which matches how pages and posts appear on-screen. Thankfully, WordPress Posts & Pages to PDF can, while still permitting full content customization.

Support for Rows & Columns from Visual Composer
Support for Rows & Columns from Visual Composer
Customizable Header Area
Customizable Header Area

Display Website Header & Footer Areas in Exports

With WordPress based e-commerce platforms and blogs, site visitors may wish to save a PDF copy of your content for perusal offline. To remind readers where they found you, the WordPress Posts & Pages to PDF plugin can include website headers and footers in exported content. Doing so extends the reach of your website branding and encourages repeat site visits.

To further encourage repeat site visits, blog posts and pages can be exported with clickable links and tags which redirect users back to source material online.

Display Featured Images, Categories & Tags

WordPress Posts & Pages to PDF can be configured to export on-page media such as featured images, content categories, and tags. This allows site visitors to convert a webpage to PDF exactly as pages appear visually on-screen. Alternatively, site admins can elect not to export different elements (such as tags) via an array of easy to use back-office tools.

Are you looking for the best WordPress PDF plugin for your blog or website? If so, install WordPress Posts & Pages to PDF now, or view a live demo by clicking here.

PDF with Post Image, Categories & Tags
PDF with Post Image, Categories & Tags

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Nice plugin, work’s fine.

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One of the best plugins I’ve used. It just works, really well. Love the customisability with the meta keys too.

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