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Multisite Sync

Synchronize your posts, pages, products and more inside your WordPress Multisite with Sync. Create up to 10 different cronjobs, choose source & destination site(s) and the data you want to sync.

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WordPress Multisite Sync

Multiple Cronjobs possible

Create up to 10 different cronjobs.

Multiple Cronjobs
Source & Destination Sites

Set your Sites

Set a source site and unlimited destination sites, where your posts should be duplicated to.

Define to be synced Data

For every cronjob you can set yourself what data you want to sync or what not.

Data to Sync

All Features

Complexity made simple.


Get Email reports every time a cronjob ran.

Run on Publish / Update

Run a cronjob on Publish / Update of posts, pages etc.


Set a recurrence for your cronjobs to run (e.g. weekly, daily, every 10 minutes).

Source Post type

Choose why source posts with what status you want to sync.

Create / Update posts

Choose if you want to create non existing posts and if you want to update existing ones by custom update Key.

Choose your Data

Select from taxonomies, title, post meta, images and many more data you want to sync or not.

Test before you buy

View our Demo before you buy.

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