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Multilingual Multisite Plugin

Our WordPress multilingual multisite plugin helps you to setup translated versions of your WP websites with ease. Create unlimited language / country versions, synchronize posts & media, use machine translations or copy content between your sites.

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Multisite Translations

Our plugin makes it easy for you to setup translations within a multisite. Connect translated posts, categories or terms and show off translated versions to your customer with ease.

Country Selector

With an included country selector feature you can show off all translated sites on a page. Moreover you can show a switch country dropdown selector in your menu item.

Machine Translations

Bored of doing manual translations? Our plugin works seamlessly with automatic machine translation services like Google, DeepL or Microsoft.

What makes our plugin different


Multilingual Plugin Speed

We took care, that all functionalities are based upon speed. Not like WPML or other multilingual WordPress plugins, a multisite has own database tables for each site. No longer spam meta tables.

Automatic Translations

Machine Translation WordPress

Use machine translation services like DeepL, Google or Microsoft to translate your site into different languages. DeepL for example offers a great translation quality.

WooCommerce Integration

Woocommerce Integration

Oh yeah – WooCommerce is fully integrated. You can translate products, product categories, attributes terms and more. Subsites also allow setting different payment options and more.

Im- / Export Posts

Export Import Posts

You work with an external translation agency? Export or import posts as JSON or XML is a native feature of our plugin. Export pages, let them be translated and reimport the files within our plugin with ease.

Assign Translators

Assign Translators

Assign posts or pages to translators, that will then get email notifications. Translators are users with a specific role you can create. Posts they reviewed can be saved with status “pending”, so admins can recheck before publishing.

One Media Database

One Wp Media Database

Avoid uploading media files to all subsites manually. When enabling media syncing you can use a media file in each wp site independently where you uploaded the files to.

Copy Posts

Copy Posts

Copy posts from one site to others with a simple click. Copied posts will automatically be assigned as a translation item to the source post.

Synchronize Data

Synchronize Data

Synchronize data from one site to another when you update / publish posts. No longer manually do changes for each page on every site in your multisite.

Easy to Use & Support


Made in Germany – Our support helps you with questions, issue and every other topic as soon as possible.

I’ve used WPML for years. It’s a good plugin, but in certain scenarios it doesn’t work well. It works for small websites and small e-commerce stores.

But in some scenarios, where you need each language to connect to different third party APIs, it’s better to go for a multisite.

It’s also better to go for a multisite if you prefer to have more speed and independently configure the data tables and settings for each language.

This is actually the right way to go.

Rating : 5

This is one state of the Art multilingual WordPress Plugin. We Switched from multilingual press & multisite language Switcher to this plugin and it is easier, requires less additional plugins and is fast.

Great job! Special thanks also to the automatic / machine translation, that saved us a lot of time.

Rating : 5

This plugin is just what I was looking for.

We needed it to translate our shops – both B2B and B2C – from German to English. At first I tried WPML and Polylang, but they both slowed down the site too much (especially WPML).
So we opted for a multisite approach (one site per language), and this plugin – along with Loco Translate – just seems to be the perfect match. Translations are created ready-for-publish by the click of a few buttons. No more need to copy and paste content and move it around between the various sites and the translation editors.

It’s all super-easy now, plus the sites are not jammed with clutter and retained their original speed.
Thanks for making this plugin available!

Rating : 5

Why you should use a Multisite for Translations

Many popular plugins use a single WordPress instance to created translated versions of your site. This can in some cases be a good starter, but most of the times in the end it comes to complications. If you have one WP instance it is glued together, shares one database and makes it complicated to create language specific content.

Pros for a Multisite

  • Performance
    Separate database tables for each country site does not harm your site speed
  • Country Specific Content / Settings
    Enable plugins per each country, create content only in 1 language with ease
  • Clean Dashboard
    Stay with a clean wp-admin dashboard
Why you should use a Multisite for Translations
easy wp dashboard

Easy WP Translation Dashboard

Simply control your translated posts or terms within your WordPress Dashboard.

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