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Show Single Variations in Shop

With our WooCommerce Single Variations plugin you are able to show all product variations as own products in the shop or category pages.

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single variations on category page
Single Variations

Instead of just showing the main variable product, show all variations directly inside your shop & category pages.


Exclude categories, variable products or variations with ease directly in the settings panel.

Custom Variation Title

Set a custom variation title to drive more SEO traffic.

UNIQUE: Dynamic Variation Title

Most plugins simply show variations title as product name + attribute value. Our plugin allows a dynamic title settings where you can use the attribute name e.g. T-Shirt in Color Black and Size 40.

WooCommerce Filter Support

Default WooCommerce filter widget, subcategory count and other features are supported by our plugin.

Hide Parent / Variable Products

Hide the main parent product if variations exist.

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Show Single Variations

Do it like Amazon or other big eCommerce shops! Display variants of your products within the shop and category pages of WooCommerce.

There are 2 main reasons why you should show variable products as single ones: 

  1. Users can directly view / add to cart their needed variations
  2. It increases your SEO traffic by creating more specific internal links

Optimized for Performance

Easy to Use

Woo Show Single Variations
Dynamic Or Custom Variation Product Titles

Dynamic or Custom Variation Product Titles

Our unique dynamic title functionality makes it easy for you to change the variation products title. Simply define a Title & Attribute template, configure the appendix and you are done! A product then will show as “T-Shirt in Color Grey and Size 30” (Product Title in Attribute Name with Attribute Value).

Not satisfied by our automatic titles? No problem you can also define a custom title for each variation within the settings.

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