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Quick View Plugin

Imagine you have customers who need to quickly view your products: How bad would it be if every customer has to open them in a new tab or window? That’s where our plugin jumps in. With our WooCommerce Quick View Plugin your customers can view product information via AJAX without opening the product page.

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Quick View Modal Demo
Totally Customizable

Change the Button text, Add a custom Icon, change the Modal Colors and more. Our Plugin is totally customizable.

Choose your Data

You decide what data you want to show inside the quick view content.

Open Effect

The quick view content can be opened either in a modal or inline directly in the product category page.

Badge for fast View

Use our popup to make quick viewing products even easier. Simply enter a SKU or Product Name and you can get product info. See the Red Badge on bottom right on our pages.

AJAX Loaded

AJAX loaded content for a fast loading experience.


No matter what device the modal is responsive and fits into your users view port.

Characteristics of Woocommerce Quick View

Woocommerce has more than six years in the market, has won the trust of hundreds of people who decided to start with small or large businesses. It is not exactly a free software but every day more people are betting on it … now everything is better thanks to the quick view. But what is there to know?

Quick View is an extension for Woocommerce that allows you to see the details of a product through a pop-up window very quickly.Woocommerce allows the customer to stay interested in the online store without having to click many times, therefore the purchase options are higher.

A plugin in general always seeks that the functionalities of a site are optimal,
with Woocommerce quick view this is no different.

For that reason, some of the characteristics that we can mention here are:

Modal open & inline open

Just at the moment the client is searching for his product, he must click on the small “Quick” box. Modal open allows you to have a suspended horizontal view where it appears: the name of the product, the price (on sale or not), the rating of one or more stars, the description, the category and the option to add to the cart. While inline open shows the same thing vertically and much faster.

It is not that there is a better one or a worse one, they are simply two different ways to show the product.

Modal Open Effect
Modal Open Effect
Responsive Quick View Modal
Responsive Quick View Modal


Whether the client or the seller chooses to have this plugin, both can enjoy the benefits on any device, unlike other plugins that unfortunately suffer alterations depending on the device.


With AJAX loading your customers do not have to wait long to get your product information. Response times below 600ms – that is our promise.

Both sellers and consumers seek efficiency for their sales and purchases, a point in favor of Woocommerce Quick View. Nobody loses interest in the first seconds, but instead has various reasons to stay.

Fast AJAX Loading
Fast AJAX Loading
Customize Colors & More
Customize Colors & More


The texts of the button, the icons, the colors, the typographies, what you want to show and what are not subject to the tastes of the seller. That is where our pluginĀ fits the vision of who undertakes and truly provides a great experience to who buys.

Furthermore you can enable or disable multiple product information blocks. You can also create your own template by overriding ours within your child theme for example.

There are many benefits
with Woocommerce Quick View

Increase Sales

As all involve the possibility of product sales is very broad, however this plugin opens the way to catalogs, sales by subscription, sales of tourist tickets or events and other things, clearly with the help of other extensions

Quick & Easy

No matter how familiar a seller or buyer is with the e-commerce world, with Woocommerce Quick View the procedures are quick and easy

Stay Up to Date

Another benefit is that Woocommerce Quick View is subject to updates, as well as the entire WordPress platform and its competition, which makes buying and selling experiences more and more enjoyable for the two electronic participants.

Join the technological expansion, choose to freely dispose, dare to take risks in your business or to buy in the best way …
if you have Woocommerce Quick View as an ally surely everything will be fine.

So quick to respond to issues. Also does a great job of considering requests and adding them to the plug-ins if the request is reasonable and improves the value of the plug-in. I have had a super-positive experience with db-dzine!

Rating : 5

Works great!

Rating : 5

Super fast and excellent support!

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Fantastic Documentation Quality

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Great Customer Support!

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