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With our WooCommerce Quick Order plugin you can make purchasing of your products faster and easier. Purpose could be big wholesaler or similar, who know the products they want to purchase. Normal customers could also be the target, when you want to show all your products in a simple overview table.

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Quick Order Example
Quick Order Search

Quick order search helps your customers to look for products by name or SKU and quickly buy them.

Quick Order Table

Show a quick order table with all, category or product specific products.

Table Filtering & Export

Use DataTable filtering, sorting or search functionalities if you want.

Export Tables

Export Tables as PDF, Word, Excel, Print, CSV or copy to Clipboard.

Add Multiple to Cart

Add Multiple Products to cart with checking the checkbox.

AJAX Add to Cart

AJAX Add to Cart for compatibility with Caching plugins.

About our
WooCommerce Bulk Order Plugin

As a WooCommerce store owner, your top priority is to sell more. Thankfully, our new WooCommerce plugin allows you to do just this.

The new Quick Order WooCommerce plugin, adds easy to use quick order and bulk order search functionality to WooCommerce stores. Drop down product listings complete with product images, allow customers to place individual and bulk orders quickly and easily. Much more importantly, our WooCommerce order form layout is fully themeable. – This and designed to complement the natural search and browsing behavior of your WooCommerce store customers.

Quick Order & Bulk Order Search Functionality

Using the new WooCommerce Quick Order plugin, store customers can search store itineraries by product name and/or available stock units.

Instantly displaying store products and available units by product images, WooCommerce customers can add items instantly to their shopping cart. This saves wholesalers placing bulk orders valuable search time. Meanwhile, streamlining quick order and bulk order processes helps reduce the likelihood of shopping carts being abandoned prior to checkout.

Quick Order Search Demo

Quick Order & Bulk Order Search Functionality
Quick Order & Bulk Order Search Functionality
Easy Quick Order Table Configuration
Easy Quick Order Table Configuration

Easy Quick Order Table Configuration

Ready to boost sales? Customers love variety. Our quick order WooCommerce plugin, therefore, allows more items to be listed per page than with conventional WooCommerce store layout options.

Your customers can still click through individual product pages if they want to. With our bulk order and quick order plugin, though, they really don’t need to. Instead, store owners specify what products should be listed in quick order tables. When customers perform matching searches, they can then add individual and bulk order items to shopping carts in seconds.

Quick Order Table Demo

Table Filtering

Thanks to advanced in-built DataTable filtering, WooCommerce store owners can specify custom search and sorting criteria for data presented to end store users.

While completely optional, the Quick Order WooCommerce plugin can be configured to allow store owners to specify product-specific search criteria. In the case of a clothing retailer, custom search criteria can, therefore, allow store customers to search by dress size, age range, color, and a variety of different clothing styles.

Table Filtering Demo

Table Filtering
Table Filtering
Easily Export Tables
Easily Export Tables

Easily Export Tables

Do you regularly sell products to wholesalers?

In many cases, those whom bulk order items semi-regularly, will like to have their own copy of your WooCommerce store inventory. Using the new Quick Order WooCommerce plugin, customers and store owners can, therefore, easily export product tables. Exportable to PDF, Word, Excel, and CSV, all Ouick Order plugin tables can be easily saved locally, copied to clipboard, or printed.

Bulk Order By Adding Multiple Items to Cart

As well as easy to search product listings, the new Quick Order WooCommerce plugin makes adding multiple items to shopping carts easier than ever.

Instead of searching for and adding items to carts individually, customers can bulk order goods and select multiple items for purchase, directly from product search pages. This expedites and simplifies order processes, for the benefit of both customers and store owners.

Bulk Order By Adding Multiple Items to Cart
Bulk Order By Adding Multiple Items to Cart
AJAX Add to Cart
AJAX Add to Cart

AJAX Add to Cart

Complete with full AJAX Add to Cart functionality, the Quick Order WooCommerce plugin allows customers to add items to shopping carts, without reloading shopping pages

Striving to provide uninterrupted shopping experiences, the Quick Order plugin allows users to add individual (and multiple) items to shopping carts, without shopping sessions expiring or users needing to refresh pages. This allows customers to shop without having to flick backward and forward between category pages and/or product searches. Users simply select items from your store and proceed to checkout without interruption.

So quick to respond to issues. Also does a great job of considering requests and adding them to the plug-ins if the request is reasonable and improves the value of the plug-in. I have had a super-positive experience with db-dzine!

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Excludes / Includes

Include or Exclude Product categories or single products.

Limit Access

Apply the shortcodes only on specific user roles.

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