Creating & Editing an Attribute Group

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All Attribute Groups

When navigating to all attribute groups you can of course see all of them. In this view you can also see the assigned attributes of each group.

From this menu you can create / edit your attribute groups.

All Attribute Groups

Create / Edit

When editing or when creating an attribute you first should assign the attributes to the group. Here you can select multiple. Then you can set a custom image / icon and set a menu order if you like.

Creating & Editing an Attribute Group

The output of the example below will then look like this:

Grouped Attribute Example Output
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    1. Hi there,

      use this:

      .woocommerce table.shop_attributes td {
      	padding: 0 !important;
      td.attribute_value {
          padding: 10px;
      .woocommerce table.shop_attributes th {
      	width: 200px !important;

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