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Catalog Mode

With our WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin you can simply turn your online shop into a catalog. Hide prices, remove the add to cart button, add an enquiry form or use the enquiry cart functionality.

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WooCommerce Hide Prices & Add to Cart
Hide Prices

Remove prices from your products and product categories.

Remove Add to Cart

Replace the the add to cart button with a Read More button.

Enquiry Form

Show an enquiry form modal on your single product pages.

Enquiry Cart

Replace the default WooCommerce cart functionality with an enquiry cart.

Exclude / Include

Exclude or include single products or complete product categories within plugin settings.

Theme Support

Our plugin supports all WooCommerce compliant themes and product types (e.g. variations).

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Turn your Shop into a Catalog

Does your WooCommerce store stock specialty products or products which might be in limited supply?

Directing WooCommerce store customers straight to shopping carts isn’t always the best option for some product vendors. Thankfully, with the WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode plugin, stores can be transformed into stylish, easy to navigate, and fully themeable product catalogs.

Turn your Shop into a Catalog
Turn your Shop into a Catalog

Instead of static product listings and links to store shopping carts, the WooCommerce catalog plugin can be used to hide product prices and add direct inquiry form functionality to product listings.

Of course, it might not always be in the interest of store owners to remove product prices and/or direct to shopping cart functionality across all product listings. Using the WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode plugin, users can, therefore, specify different product categories to display in catalog mode, while leaving other store items free to purchase directly.

Hide Product Prices

After installing and activating the WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode plugin, store owners will be able to easily select categories of products which they would prefer to remove pricing data from. As an added bonus, site administrators can also specify different groups whom different settings should apply to.

As a WooCommerce store owner, do you sell products to both individuals and wholesale distributors of goods? If so, the WooCommerce Product Catalog plugin can be used to display your regular retail store to non-registered site visitors. Registered users such as wholesalers, meanwhile, will have catalog pages displayed which are free of both product pricing and direct order buttons.

Hide Product Prices
Hide Product Prices

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Remove Add to Cart

After activating the WooCommerce Product Catalog plugin, WooCommerce store owners have the option to completely remove ‘Add to Cart’ options from product listing pages. After removal, store customers will instead be given the option to make direct inquiries with store owners regarding product pricing and availability.

Ideal for wholesalers of goods and vendors of specialty products, fully customizable direct inquiry buttons allow store owners to set item pricing on a per customer basis.

Remove Add to Cart Button
Remove Add to Cart Button
Enquiry Form Functionality
Enquiry Form Functionality

Product Catalog
Enquiry Form Functionality

Just like with your regular WooCommerce store set up, using WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode allows site visitors to peruse product listings and click through to individual product pages. After clicking through to product pages, though, your customers will be invited to complete a fully themed direct enquiry form, instead of ordering items directly.

With settings applicable either site-wide or to specific product categories, WooCommerce store owners can choose what products they wish to make available via direct enquiry only, and which they do not.

More Catalog Mode
Plugin Features

Variations Support

Variations are supported with 2 different styles.

Limit Access

Apply the catalog mode only on specific user roles.

Exclude Countries

You can also exclude a list of countries.

Free Updates

Once bought you get unlimited future updates.

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