Setup the Bought Together Plugin

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To configure the plugin you need to go into your Admin Panel > WooCommerce > Bought Together menu item. If you do not see this item, make sure you have the Redux Framework plugin installed.

Bought together menu item

General Bought together Settings

In the general settings tab you can choose how the plugin should assign products as frequently bought together items. You can enable / disable manually assignment (via product editing), automatic cart assignment (via add to cart hook) or automatic order / purchase assignment.

You also have the possibility to delete all existing bought together assignments with the button on the bottom.

General settings

Display Settings

First you can choose where you want to show the Bought together products:

  • on product pages
  • on the cart page
Display Settings

The settings below each other are the same. You can set a custom title, description, the position and hook priority. You can also set the maximum amount and columns.

If you do not wish, that all bought together products should display in a new row, you can use the built in slider module.

The last option “Show a Add to Cart button” displays a button to add the products to cart. Make sure you check the “Remove the default add to cart” under advanced settings when you have enabled this option.

Show frequently bought together products on product page

Advanced FBT settings

Here you can disable the default add to cart WooCommerce button for the fbt products.

Furthermore you can add some custom CSS & JS if you like.

Advanced bought together settings
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  1. Hi!

    I need your help. On your demo, there is some space between the products (frequently bought together) which is very nice. But when I put my product in slider there is no white space. All the products are tight to each other and that’s not pretty at all, plus it’s not very customer friendly.
    Can you tell me what to do?


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