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Frequently Bought Together

With our plugin you can show frequently bought together products in your WooCommerce Shop and increase sales by promoting cross sell products automatically.

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WooCommerce Also bought together

Assign bought together products manually, automatically by cart or purchased algorithms.

Display on Product / Cart

Display bought together products on single product pages or the cart page.

Add to Cart / Slider

Show an add to cart button or display your products in a slider.


Get in depth statistics about most bought together products.

Valid after X

Set an amount of purchases after that a bought match is valid.

Products Slider

Instead of showing products in a grid you can use a customizable slider.

1188 Lines of Code

measured in version 1.0.9 using sloc


Support through CodeCanyon, Email or Slack

An excellent addition to WooCommerce. Support is prompt and helpful. Handles PR well and is calm in the face of difficulty.

Rating : 5

Awesome Flexibility.

Rating : 5

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