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Advanced Categories

Pimp your WooCommerce product categories. Add some advanced styles, create special category sidebar & footer texts and improve your SEO.

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Pimp your WooCommerce Categories
Category Styles

We have prepared more than 14 product category styles for your needs. See all here.

Category Sidebar Text

Add special category sidebar text with our Advanced Category Widget and improve your SEO.

Category Footer Text

Create category Footer text just as other big companies do to improve SEO also.

Landingpage Teaser

Show off special landingpage teaser at the start of each category to increase internal link building.

Dynamic SEO H1 Title

Build your own custom H1 SEO title by querying filter data.

Nested Categories

Enable WooCommerce nested categories, where a subcategory + products show below each other.

Improve WooCommerce SEO

The more aesthetically refined your WooCommerce store, the higher your store will rank in Google.

Of course, you already knew this. Did you know, though, that tweaking your product category pages and menus, could also be of benefit to your on-site SEO?

The Advanced Categories WooCommerce plugin is designed to help WooCommerce store owners boost on-site SEO. – Specifically, by allowing site admins to completely customize product category pages and menus. This is thanks to the fact that the Advanced Categories WooCommerce plugin, allows users to add eye-catching images to category header images.

Improve WooCommerce SEO
Improve WooCommerce SEO
Nested Categories
Nested Categories

Nested Categories Layout

Using the Advanced Categories WooCommerce plugin, WooCommerce store owners can add nested and un-nested product listings below image headers. This and add custom footers and sidebars to product category pages. The end result being a much more stylish store layout and intuitive end-user experience.

Nested Category Listing Demo

14 Product Category Styles

Because of the number of WooCommerce themes currently on the market, the Advanced Categories WooCommerce plugin comes complete with 14 inbuilt product category styles to choose from.

With each included product category style featuring bold interactive category headers, WooCommerce store owners can add unparalleled style and sophistication to product category pages. Much more importantly, highly-visual header designs help store owners showcase products much more professionally and drive sales in the process.

14 Product Category Styles
14 Product Category Styles
Product Category Sidebar Text
Product Category Sidebar Text

Product Category
Sidebar Text

Using the Advanced Categories sidebar text widget, WooCoomerce store owners can fully customize product category sidebars.

Highly beneficial in regard to on-site SEO, customizing product category sidebar text also allows store customers to more easily navigate store web pages. Site administrators simply enable product category sidebar functionality, define their sidebar title, and add whatever specialty text they feel is relevant.

Category Sidebar Text Demo

Product Category
Footer Text

With the Advanced Categories WooCommerce plugin, it is not just product category headers and sidebars which can be fully customized. Also allowing users to customize product category footer areas, WooCommerce store owners can add custom footers to each individual product category page.

Using custom footer areas to add extra text and essential product information, site admins can give a significant boost to their on-site SEO. Much more importantly, more professional page layouts overall, help build trust among store customers and incentivize the adding of more items to WooCommerce store shopping carts.

Category Footer Text Demo

Product Category Footer Text
Product Category Footer Text

very good plugin. Excellent support – contact with Seller even at the weekends. I would like RECCOMMEND both plugin and support.

Rating : 5

More Features

Sub- & Category-Title Tags

Modify the category title tag from div to h1 or similar.

Custom Column-Count

Show categories in 1,2,3,4 … columns. Just modify the loop with one click.

Shop Texts

Add extra shop text before and after the main shop page.

Independent Settings

Each category is independent and can have own columns & style settings.

Visual Composer Support

Easily show any category on normal pages with our VC module.

Shortcode Support

No Visual Composer? Just use our shortcode 

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