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1. Create a Ticket

The first step in a ticket system is always the creation of the ticket.
In total there are 4 ways how a ticket can be created via our WordPress HelpDesk plugin:

Mailbox Fetching

Configure your custom Support Mailbox – our plugin takes care about the rest. Mails will automatically be fetched via a Cronjob. Either a new ticket or a comment (reply) will be created. Attachments can be fetched too.

Via Contact Form

There are 3 contact forms available – one for simple requests, one for Envato purchases and one for WooCommerce / Shop support. Each differs in the form fields like subject, website URL, product order, purchase code etc.


While our plugin supports a livechat with agents, everything will be tracked down as a ticket. Chats are not lost as they are saved and viewable. Furthermore users can enter the chat via a Ticket ID directly.

Classic Phone

Of course customers can call your agents which is still widely spreaded. The good thing: Your agents can create tickets in the name of your customers within the system. Just don’t forget to tell them.

2. Analyse the Ticket

After a new ticket has come into the system, it needs to be categorized, analyzed and assigned.
Then the assigned agent can take care about the ticket.

Set defaults

To ease your work, you are able to set some defaults. In practice you can set a default status, type, system and assigned agent. So you do not need to do this manually for each new ticket.

Set ticket defaults
Working on a ticket

Let the assigned Agent work

After the default assigned agent has received the ticket he can start his work. The agent can modify all information and reply to the reporters question.

3. Finalize the Ticket

The ticket has been set to solved by an agent and the customer is happy. But what then?
Most of the time the same question comes up again by another reporter.
So why not create a FAQ article and save the correct answer as a “saved reply”?

Create a FAQ

Simply copy the complete ticket content into a new FAQ article and place it inside your Knowledge Base.

Saved Reply

Some people do not read FAQs and just ask the same question, but you already have answered it. With our plugin you can just copy the correct comment into a saved reply. This can later be used for all new tickets.

Analyse in Report

All ticket information is centrally available in the reports section. It is a good way to always check the reports section, where the most issues have been addressed to. Maybe one product needs a better description? Better Documentation?

More Ticket System Features

Custom Taxonomies

You are free to create / set custom status, types or projects.

Filter Tickets

Filter all Tickets in the backend for status, type or project.

Log / History

All ticket changes are logged and will be shown in a history.

Export Tickets

Export all tickets as Excel files so you can create your own analysis.

My Tickets

Create a My Tickets page and redirect reporters to it automatically.

Customizable Ticket Forms

Customizable new Ticket Forms for Simple Tickets, WooCommerce Tickets & Envato tickets.

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