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Everything in View

Reports help you to keep everything in view.
Analyze the way of working, how many tickets have been created and track where the most tickets are addressed to.

Ticket Reports
Tickets by Agent

This pie chart shows you which assigned agent has the most tickets.

Tickets by Status

How many tickets are in status “new”, “work in progress”, “solved” etc.

Tickets by Type

Tickets by type. For example Bug / Feature.

Tickets by System

Report about the tickets by System (e.g. Chat, Envato Form, WooCommerce Form, Simple Form)

Tickets by Year

How many tickets have been created through the years.

Tickets by Month

High season time in summer or winter? This pie should reflect it.

Tickets by Year & Month

This line graph will show you issues by both year and month.

Export Tickets as Excel

If you need additional reports you can always export all tickets and their data as an Excel (xlsx OR xls) file.

Export Tickets as Excel
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