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Keep your Users updated

A good communication is the key to success. With our notification options you are able to keep your reporters or agents up to date. Choose your channel, choose what you want to be send out as a notification and customize your messages.

Email Notifications

Email notifications may be the standard channel to use when you want to inform about ticket updates. You can use the built in Email template or even use your own. Furthermore you can select the type when you want to send out a notification and to whom it should be sent to.

Email Notifications
Desktop notifications
Desktop Notifications

With Desktop notifications your reporters will be informed via a Push message, when comment has been made on one of their tickets.

Furthermore you can setup a welcome message and a custom icon.

Slack Notifications

Every ticket process can be sent out to your Slack channel. Work together with other agents there and discuss about the ticket via Slack’s fast chat system.

Slack notifications

Choose your Notifications

You can enable / disable notifications by it’s type.

Notify when a ticket has been created

Keep your agents updated everytime a new ticket has been created. And also inform your reporters, that their ticket has been created.

Notify when someone commented

Send out a notification when a comment has been made by the reporter or agent. The system recognizes the comment creator and does not send out notifications to the reporter when he has made the comment himself.

Notify when a status has changed

Inform your reporters when the status has been changed. For example from “new” to “solved”.

Notify when an agent has been assigned

Send out Notifications when the assigned agent has been added or changed.

And the Best?

Every notification type can be sent individually to different persons:
Either to the reporter, to the agent, to specific users, to all, to reporter & agent …

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