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Reduce Support Issues with a Knowledge Base

With a well filled knowledge base you can reduce the amount of support issues dramatically.
Our plugin helps you to Setup your own custom WordPress Knowledge Base with ease.

Transfer a Ticket to FAQ

Tickets can easily be copied into a FAQ article. With this feature you are able to fast fill your knowledge base by creating answers based on your reporters questions.

Group your Articles

Create as many topics as you like and group your FAQ articles. When you have many items this definitely helps your users to find the correct answer.

Live Search (AJAX)

With the built in live search for the knowledge base your users can easily find the right answers.

FAQ Live Search
Track FAQ Views

Every time a FAQ page is opened the view will be counted. This allows you to sort your articles by popularity and gives you insights about the knowledge base usage.

Suggested FAQs

Every time a reporter wants to create a new issue, our system can show suggested FAQs. This works by comparing the entered ticket subject and knowledge base.

Track FAQ Searches

When your users are searching for FAQs our System tracks the Keywords and how many articles for found.

Thumbs Up or Down

Users can give your articles a thumbs up or down (if enabled). You can then use this for special Widgets for most Loved FAQs.

Knowledge Base Example

WordPress Knowledge Base Example

Our TotalDesk Documentation and all our other plugins are built upon the Knowledge Base feature of our plugin. It has grouped FAQ articles into getting started, filter & hooks, FAQs and other topics.

You can also see the topics widget, the popularity widget and the AJAX search widget in action. What are you waiting for? Get rid of questions, that get asked and asked again now!

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