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Override Templates (Theme Support)

To override the templates shipped within the plugin you should read the following steps:There are 3 templates files in totalFAQ Archive (admin/views/archive-faq_topic.php) Single FAQ (admin/views/single-faq.php) Single Ticket...

How do u set up login details?

Q: If you submit a ticket it sets up an account but how can the user sign in as he does not have any details and where is the login form?A: The user gets the login details by mail automatically. Just like a normal WP user registration, but...

Is there a way to setup topics and FAQS that only users can view?

Yes you can limit the access to logged in users for all FAQs, FAQ topics or some FAQs.

Is it possible for a user to email support questions and respond via email (email piping)?

Yes you will need to setup your own Email inbox account. Then configure it within the plugin settings.When you do a comment a mail will automatically be sent out to the reporter.

Does this plugin support Visual Composer?

Yes you can use it for Knowledge Base Articles.You could also use it for saved replies / tickets, but we do not recommend this. Because notification mails do not use shortcodes, same as replies, and therefore could break the layout.

Limit Live Chat to Registered users only

Yes, you can disable guest chat within plugin settings. Then everybody who want to use the live chat has to login before.

Where can I modify the drop down "subject" values?

When creating a ticket when they choose "order support"or similar where can I modify the drop down "subject" values?You can use the following Filter "wordpress_helpdesk_new_ticket_WooCommerce_order_subjects".An Example: function...

Where can I modify the ticket email template?

See advanced settings > Support Mail Template.For example if you want to increase the mail width you can change the CSS to this: .container { display: block; Margin: 0 auto !important; /* makes it centered...

How can I translate the plugin (WPML)?

Step one Scan the Plugin for TranslationsGo to WPML > Theme and plugins localization Check "WordPress Helpdesk" Click on "Scan selected Plugins for Strings" After scan you can click on the "wordpress-helpdesk" texdomain link and...

How can I prevent, that my WordPress Emails go to Spam Folder?

As we use the standard WP mail system for Notification and Account creation emails, it can occur that Emails get into your reporters or agents Spam folder.You can prevent this by adding a trusted external or internal SMTP Email Service.An...

Users do not get Account Email?

If new users do not receive their new account credentials via emails with username & password you need to check first if you have enabled the option here:Send Login CredentialsIf this is checked, it could be that some other plugin or...

Caching Support

If you are using caching plugins or Cloudflare / Nginx you need to set a Bypass Rule for all URLs, that contain "ticket".Example for Cloudflare:
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