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TotalDesk - WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

All-in-One Helpdesk
Plugin for WordPress

TotalDesk is the only All-in-One HelpDesk solution for WordPress. Our helpdesk plugin provides all features for that, in most cases, you have to pay extra: Ticket-System, Livechat, Knowledge Base, Saved Replies and more. All in one single Plugin to provide you and your customers one single solution for the support.

Ticket System

All issues will be handled within the ticket system. No matter where the question comes from it will be centrally stored in the ticket system.

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Control all Notifications, that you want to send out to the reporters or agents. Enable Mail Notifications, (Desktop) Push Notifications or Slack messages to your team chat.

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Give your users the opportunity to start a livechat with one of your agents. A Livechat often speeds up the issue solving process.

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Knowledge Base

Create your own searchable Knowledge Base based on your tickets. You can copy the ticket content directly into a new FAQ article.

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Get in-depth analysis of your ticket system. Learn how users create ticket, for what project they have questions and improve your support with these information.

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Our plugin support the following Integrations: WooCommerce, Slack, Envato or Gmail. And we are not ready with the implementation of future integrations like GitHub or Jira.

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Great idea, functions like ticket system, livechat, knowledge base in a single plugin.

Rating : 5

5 star rating for the plugin features, and the fantastic customer support I have received so far! The author has been taking my feedback into account with new updates they roll out.

Rating : 5

Its perfect. Very god Job! 100%

Rating : 5

Its perfect. Very god Job! 100%

Rating : 5

Excellent plugin and excellent support. 5 star easy!

Rating : 5

This plugin has all the features you need!

Great FAQ Knowledge Base, Livechat Integrations and an awesome saved reply feature.

Really like this plugin and looking for future updates 🙂

Rating : 5

Many realy good features and fast as friendly customer support!

Rating : 5

Very useful Item and very good personal support! thx a lot and good sales!

Rating : 5
The Helpdesk Modules

With our Helpdesk Plugin you are able to manage all Support request in once. Users can raise support tickets via …

  • Mails to your Inbox
  • a simple Form on your website
  • a phone call to one of your agents
  • or via Livechat

All requests will be bundled in a ticket so they never get lost.

Work with Tickets and reduce future Workload

By analyzing your tickets you are able to create saved replies from often answered replies. Also you are able to create your own Knowledge Base (FAQs) from tickets. This will help you to reduce future workloads, because similar issues can be solved much easier.

Also you can generate a report from your tickets to analyze where the most issues came from, when they have been created and where it may stuck.

A better Way to Organize your Support

Say goodbye to multiple single Helpdesk plugins and say hello to TotalDesk.

Editing a Ticket
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