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Push Notifications

Keep your users updated with
HTML5 Web Push Notifications

Automatic Notifications

Send out automated push notifications when a WordPress post is updated or created on your site.

All Post Types Supported

All post types, either custom post types, pages, products etc are supported.

Custom Notifications

Send out custom Notifications for Special Offers or Deals for example with ease.

WooCommerce Support

Update customers when new products launched, prices drop or update shop managers / admins when products are low on stock or new orders are created.

Background Notifications

Even when users are not on your Website they will receive Push Notifications via Background Messaging system.

Customize Everything

Customize title, texts, icon or the notification click link URL as you like. You can also use all post data as variables with ease.

5 star rating for the plugin features, and the fantastic customer support I have received so far! The author has been taking my feedback into account with new updates they roll out.

Rating : 5

Its perfect. Very god Job! 100%

Rating : 5

Its perfect. Very god Job! 100%

Rating : 5

Excellent plugin and excellent support. 5 star easy!

Rating : 5

Many realy good features and fast as friendly customer support!

Rating : 5

Very useful Item and very good personal support! thx a lot and good sales!

Rating : 5

WordPress Fire Push
Push Notifications for WordPress

Using push notifications is standard practice for top WordPress blogs and WooCommerce stores.

Simple, yet effective, push messages do everything that website newsletters once did. The only difference is that push notifications are delivered in real-time to on-site and off-site web users.

Conversion with and without Fire Push

WordPress Fire Push & Streamlined Conversions

WordPress Fire Push is designed to drive traffic to blogs and WooCommerce product pages.

Considered the best WooCommerce plugin for direct sale conversions, push messages sent by Fire Push can be configured to suit a variety of use cases.

  • Push notifications can be customized to serve discounts and special offers to visitors browsing specific store pages
  • WordPress Fire Push notifications can be used to alert past visitors to new deals via their web browser
  • All push notifications can be customized to match existing blog and WooCommerce store branding

The WooCommerce Plugin for Busy E-Commerce Store Owners

WordPress Fire Push comes complete with more features than any other push notification plugin.

In the case of WooCommerce store owners, push messages can be used to alert site admins every time a new order is placed. Much more importantly, push notifications can be used to inform store managers when they start running low on inventory.

Custom & Automatic Push Messages

65% of web visitors will return to a website when push notifications are activated. However, few web users appreciate being bombarded by push messages 24/7. Fire Push, therefore, allows site admins to create custom push notifications for specific post types and site events.

  • All WordPress and Woocommerce post types are supported
  • When using Fire Push, site admins can choose to only automate notifications for specific post types
  • At any point in time, WooComerce store owners can create and send custom push notifications concerning specific posts, product listings, and/or last-minute special offers

WordPress Fire Push boosts conversions by alerting target audiences to new content and exclusive deals in real-time. Much more importantly, the WooCommerce plugin allows site admins to customize the look and feel of push messages.

Easy Site Integration & Customization

WordPress Fire Push integrates flawlessly with any WooCommerce store set up. Site admins can customize push notification icons and text. Even better, notifications can also be configured to feature specific page content and imagery.

Full PC & Mobile Browser Support

80% of web users primarily use mobile devices to go online. WordPress Fire Push, therefore, uses Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging service to deliver push notifications.

By sending push messages across Firebase, site admins can rest assured that messages are fully supported by all popular desktop and mobile device browsers. Much more importantly, Android, iOS, and PC users can stay up to speed with new site events, regardless of their device or host operating system.

Example Use Cases

Some example how you can use our plugin to increase traffic and sales.

Send Notifications when …

  • a new Blog Post was Published
  • a Custom Post Type was Updated
  • a new Product was Created
  • a new Order was Created
  • a Price Drop Occured
  • you want to announce a special Deal / Coupon
Example Notification
Example Notification
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